vase and compote rentals

Concrete Compote Rentals
Square Stone Vase Rentals
Stone Bud Vase Rentals
Gobi Bud Vase Rentals

concrete compote

rental: $8.48 each/2 available

gobi bud vase

rental: $1.24 each/46 available

Stone Bud Vase

Rental: $1.05 each/56 available

large stone square vase

rental: $5.48 each/ 1 available

Tall Clear Vase Stands Rentals
Small Clear Square Vase Rentals
Small Clear Vase Rentals
Small square vase rentals.

tall clear vase or stand

Rental: $5.00 each/12 available

small square vase

Rental: $1.00 each/24 available

small clear vase
Rental: $1.00 each/17 available
small stone square vase
Rental: $3.15 each/1 available

candle holder rentals

large candle box

rental: $3.75 each/4 available

small candle box

rental: $2.00 each/6 available

Black taper holder

Rental: $2.50 each/17 of each size available

stone tealight holder

rental: $2.00 each/ 2 available

9" Clear Cylinder

Rental: $3.00 each/19 available

6" clear cylinder

Rental: $2.00 each/48 available

glass hurricane for taper candles

Rental: $5.00 each/13 available

copper tealight holder

Rental: $4.00 each/6 available

miscellaneous rentals

brownish grey stoneware plate

rental: $6.00each/2 available

tarnished silver charger

rental: $5.00 each/2 available

rattan charger

Rental: $5.00 each/4 available

deep blue stoneware plate

rental: $5.00 each/ 2 available

antique silver goblets

Rental: $2.00 each/4 available

taupe linene napkin

Rental: $2.50 each/2 available

12' Taupe Gauze runner

Rental: $15.00 each/1 available

gold flatware

Rental: $5.00 set/ 2 available

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